All About Us

          Petz International has been manufacturing superior natural treats for your dogs and cats since 1997. However, some of our staff have worked in meat processing since as early as 1967! Our raw materials are sourced from federal-inspected Canadian and American processing plants. Raw products must meet our stringent specs when harvested and must arrive at our door, frozen, at the height of freshness and ready for processing. Our facility is constructed to meet Canadian requirements. Our inspected products are processed, freeze-dried, roasted, and packaged at our facility under the watchful eyes of our Quality Control/Quality Assurance staff. The folks who do all the slicing and dicing are also trained using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and know the importance of their efforts and what they mean to all the hungry dogs and cats of the world. If your pets could speak, only for a moment, they would tell you that not only do our treats look awesome, but there’s a special flavour trapped in every morsel. Here at Petz International, we believe that this is because our treats have been kissed, ever so gently, by the winds and tides from the Bay of Fundy.

Our Mission

         We strive to provide our customers with healthy pet treats that are prepared and packaged in New Brunswick, Canada. We guarantee that our treats are 100% natural. We use only raw materials from North American suppliers. No chemical additives or preservatives are used. 

Our Story

Freeze Drying

         At Petz International, our commercial freeze dryers operate 7 days a week to produce our delicious freeze-dried, all-natural treats. This time-tested method uses a combination of heat and cold temperature settings inside a vacuum chamber which extracts moisture and leaves behind pure magic. Our exquisite, freeze-dried treats contain all the nutrition of the raw products they come from, along with authentic flavour, a natural look, an exquisite aroma, and a long shelf life! Other forms of de-hydration blush at the thought of never reaching such heights of taste perfection!

Oven Roasting

         Our oven roasted products look like they could be served in the finest restaurants with their glazed appearance, meaty flavours, and smoky aromas. It’s impossible for any dog to refuse them, but if they do, we have a large enough selection to ensure that we have another treat to pique their interest!


     The freeze-drying process makes chicken super crumbly. Luckily, the dust at the bottom of the bag makes a great pet food topper.

      Remember their origin. Although they do have a strong odor, they are cooked at a high enough temperature to kill bacteria.

        Our cooking process reduces the amount of fats and oils on the bone, while retaining important connective tissue that acts as a toothbrush. The crumbliness of the bone is what gives it its amazing teeth cleaning property.

        An unopened bag won’t expire. Once a bag is opened, its contents should last 3-4 months, as long as it is kept free of moisture and pests, and resealed after the treats are removed.

     Essentially, the process of freeze drying is the extraction of a product’s moisture without drastically altering its physical composition. It is unlike oven-roasting, where you brown and cook the meat, and thereby physically and chemically alter it. Basically, freeze-dried food has the dry texture and longer shelf-life of a cooked treat, but the same nutritional benefits of the raw product it comes from.

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