The freeze-drying process makes chicken super crumbly. Luckily, the dust at the bottom of the bag
makes a great pet food topper.

Remember their origin. Although they do have a strong odor, they are cooked at a high enough temperature to kill bacteria.

Our cooking process reduces the amount of fats and oils on the bone, while retaining important connective tissue that acts as a toothbrush. The crumbliness of the bone is what gives it its amazing teeth cleaning property.

In theory, an unopened bag won’t expire in the cupboard. Once the bag is opened, the product will last 3-4 months, as long as you keep it free of moisture, pests and continue to reseal it after use.

Essentially, the process of freeze drying is the extraction of a product’s moisture without drastically altering its physical makeup, unlike oven-roasting, where you brown and cook the meat, thereby physically and chemically altering it. Basically, freeze-dried food has the dry texture and longer shelf-life of a cooked treat, but the same nutritional benefits of the raw product it comes from.

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